The speed of time is always the same, yet it's never the speed we want

Every single day I find myself saying 'I can't believe that was x amount of years ago!'.  Most recently, thanks to my Timehop and 'On This Day' on Facebook, I'm reminded that I started university a whole five years ago.  FIVE YEARS AGO!

Each day, I'm greeted with photos of a fresh-faced 18-year-old enjoying freshers and settling into university life.  Fast forward five years and I now get up for work at the time I going to bed, and am going to bed at the time I was going out.  I can't function without at least eight hours sleep and hangovers tend to now stick around for at least a whole day.  There'd be no chance of me being able to manage a shift at work, lectures/seminars and a spin class on a hangover now.

When I started college (which I still can't believe was seven years ago!) one of my tutors said to me that time is man-made concept and can be one of the most difficult psychological barriers to overcome.  People become obsessed with time - either that it is running out for them to get something done, or it is going too slow before the weekend, or it's going too fast and they can't keep up.

Time always goes at the same speed, yet it's never the speed we want it to.  When we're looking forward to something, it seems to drag.  Yet when something exciting is happening or it's a happy occasion, time flies.

When I look back on the last few years, my time at university in particular, I realise how fast time is going.  When I was little, time used to feel like it went so slow - but that was because I had no real concept of time.  Now, weeks and months fly by in the blink of an eye.

I am guilty of sometimes wishing my time away, which I know I will regret when I'm older and wish I had savoured each moment more.

There's no cure to stopping time going so fast, just like there's no way to speed time up.  I've always wished I had a Bernard's Watch (every 90's kid at one point in their lives has wanted one of them, though) so that I could stop time and savour a moment or get something done quicker.

All we can do is live for the moment - enjoy everything that's happening when it's happening.  We only get to do each day once, so it's worth doing right.

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