80 weird and wonderful things about yours truly

1. When I was little I wanted to see what happened if I put both my feet in the front wheel of my bike whilst going really fast.  So I tried it and flew over the handlebars.  I was really embarrassed, though, so told mum and dad that I'd hit "a really big stone" in the street and that caused me to flip over the handlebars.

2. I once pulled my wardrobe down on top of me trying to reach a jumper from the top shelf.  I was stuck under it for ages before my mum heard me shouting and came and rescued me.  From then on, my dad always screwed it to the wall to stop me pulling it over again.

3. Despite my stupidly clumsy streak, I have never broken a bone.

4. I've had two major operations - one to remove a tumour on my knee and the other to repair my lungs after I got pneumonia.

5. I jumped out of a plane in 2011 to raise money for Great Ormond Street Hospital.

6. I used to think nuns were fictitious characters because I'd only ever seen them in films.

7. I experimented as a chav when I was a teenager. Me and my friends once went to York dressed in Adidas trackie bottoms tucked into football socks with trainers on, a Fred Perry, and big hooped earrings.  *Shudder*

8. I also experimented the 'mosher' phase.  That didn't last long, either.

9. I was desperate to fit in at school (clearly)

10. I didn't have my first proper kiss until I was 14.

11. I used to be scared of dogs.

12. I now love dogs.

13. I once punched a guy in a club because he wouldn't stop touching my bum.

14. Mine and Tom's parents both got married on exactly the same day (6th May 1989) which is why me and Tom chose that as our wedding date.

15. Our parents also both live at number 66.

16. Our house was plot 66.

17. And is number 6.

18. We are not having 6 kids.

19. I love reality tv.

20. I used to want to be a celebrity just so I could go on Dancing on Ice.

21. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days is my favourite film.

22. I'm a very open person and will share the most embarrassing of things with people I've just met.

23. I have needed glasses since I was little.  I'm pretty much blind without them.

24. I have a really big scar on my back from my operation on my lungs and used to tell people I'd just met that I got it after being stabbed.

25. I love wearing backless tops/dresses to show it off.

26. I have a tattoo on my hip.

27. I used to have my belly button pierced, now I just have a little scar.

28. If I could change one thing about my body it would be my nose.

29. The first concert I ever went to was Steps.

30. I have a filthy sense of humour.

31. I didn't like coffee until about three months ago, now I drink it all the time.

32. I have a degree in Contemporary History (it's essentially modern history, politics and international relations)

33. I've worked at the Selby Times since June 2014.

34. I'm rubbish at doing my hair and make-up.

35. I could fall asleep anywhere.

36. I used to bite and pick my nails but stopped about three years ago, now everyone thinks they're fake.

37. Seeing Ed Sheeran at Wembley was incredible.

38. I'm quite good at cooking and baking.

39. My musical taste is really varied.

40. I'm really scared of people that dress up as characters.  I once queued with my brother for ages to have our photo taken with Mr Blobby then screamed the place down and cried when it got to our turn.

41. When I went to Disneyland I wanted my picture taking with the characters but was still scared, so stood about two metres away in every photo.

42. I've sung at the MEN Arena in Manchester and twice in Disneyland Paris.

43. I used to do pantomime every year and one year had a horrendous fish costume to wear. A load of people from my school saw me wearing it during a rehearsal so all came to watch the show and videoed me singing and dancing in it and sent it all round school.  That was not a good day.

44. I passed my driving test second time with no minors.

45. I used to work as a waitress and would regularly fall down the stairs whilst carrying food to and from tables.

46. I once got so drunk that I was having an argument with 'a girl' in a club because 'she' wouldn't move out of my way, totally not realising I was facing a mirror and it was, in fact, my reflection.

47. My favourite vegetable is broccoli.

48. I don't like peas.

49. My favourite colour is mint green.

50. I get on with anyone.  Unless they're not nice.

51. I only like cheese if its melted on or in something.

52. Before I started Slimming World I weighed more than Tom.

53. I'm a really sweaty person.

54. I love watching sport.

55. I can be a bit of a control freak sometimes.

56. Friends is hands down my favourite TV show.

57. If I had to liken myself to any Friends character, it would be Monica.  She's like my soul sister.

58. I was the biggest teacher's pet ever at school until about year 9 when I decided I wanted to try and be 'cool' instead.

59. I was single for four whole years before me and Tom got together.

60. I get distracted really easily.

61. I used to write to Ant & Dec when I was little and they would send me signed pictures back.

62. Last year I met Rebecca Adlington and everyone thought we were sisters.

63. I once auditioned for the X Factor.

64. If I could go back in time and interview one historical figure it would be Hitler.

65. I talk to myself.

66. I fart all the time.

67. Once, when I was parking my old car in the garage at mum and dad's, I completely misjudged how much room I had and caught the garage door hinge with my wing mirror.  This sent the door crashing down on top of my car and my heart rate through the roof! Thankfully there was not a single scratch on it, phewwww.

68. Apart from that I am really good at parking.

69. I used to love sucking water out of sponges when I was in the bath.

70. Ham and tomato sauce sandwiches are a taste sensation.

71. Bad spelling and grammar really upsets me.

72. I'm definitely a perfectionist.

73. My dad calls my 'titch'.

74. I used to be terrible for drunk tweeting - my Timehop is a daily embarrassment for me.

75. I'm rubbish at creative things.

76. I'll be 25 this year.

77. I used to always get told I look like Cameron Diaz.

78. I'd run into a burning building to save my pets.

79. I'm never on time for anything, I'm always at least five minutes early.

80. I've run out of things which are remotely interesting now so I'm going to leave it there.

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