I'm going through a bit of a blogging dry spell at the moment

I'm going through a bit of a blogging dry spell at the moment, though you may have already noticed that.  Apart from my weekly Slimming World updates, I feel like I haven't written a 'proper' post for months.

Sometimes I really struggle with what to write about, other times I have tons of ideas and can write multiple posts a day.

My main problem, I feel, is that I worry too much about what other people will like and what people will want to read.  I want to write those kind of posts that people read and think 'omg, yeah, that's totally true'.  The kind of post that you'd share with your friends or tag them in on Facebook.

Don't get me wrong, I've written lots of them and have seen huuuge views as a result, but some of my posts I wonder 'does anyone care about what I am writing?'

If I had a pound for every post I have started writing and thought 'will anyone care about this to read it?' and then deleted it, I would have a lot of pounds.

When I started my blog, it was a place for me to jot down my thoughts on topical issues and share goings on in my life.  I didn't care then whether people would read or share my blog, I just loved writing it.

One of my blogging New Year's Resolutions for 2016 is to get back to that mindset.

The more I try and make my blog posts to be shareable, the less posts I create.  And that makes me sad because I love writing my blog.

I contemplated blogging more about my life and what I get up to.  I've written a few posts about big milestones in my life (buying a house, getting engaged etc) but nothing day-to-day.  I wondered whether people would actually care what I was up to and would read it - my life isn't exactly bursting with excitement like Kim Kardashian's!  But then I remembered that most of the blogs I read are people talking about their day-to-day life.

The struggles of getting up on a morning when it's rainy and windy; epiphanies you have whilst stuck in traffic; life goals; body hang-ups; exciting developments at work/home - I love reading about other people's lives.

This year, I'm going to stop trying to force myself to think of 'good' things to write and am just going to write what comes into my head (this could be very dangerous).

2015 was amazing for me and my blog - I smashed through 1 million views (not a lot in big blogging terms but amazing for me),  I saw my blog shared around the world and, of course, had amazing developments in my personal life.

I'm hoping 2016 will be just as successful, if not even more so.

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