Well, I feel like a total wally

I said it last night at my Slimming World group and I'll say it again now - I feel like an idiot.

All my worrying and beating myself up yesterday about the terrible week I'd had was all unwarranted as I lost 1lb.  I couldn't believe it.  It was so undeserving given the week I'd had and my outlook on the whole thing that week.

It was a stark contrast to my reaction last time I lost 1lb, when I was truly devastated and thought the world was going to end.

I still felt terrible last night, but because I felt for other people.  There were some in my group last night who had stuck to Slimming World all week, been really good and really on plan and either maintained or put on a little bit.  Then there was me who had been all down and expecting a gain, not really given it my all this week, and still lost a pound.  I felt totally undeserving.

I said this in group and my amazing, brilliant consultant reminded me that everyone is different, which I know is true, but I still didn't feel like I deserved it.

My meals had been great, it was just the snacking in between I couldn't control.  But I am over it now.

I am focusing on next week, focusing on my target, and focusing on keeping positive and not beating myself up.

I've come such a long way in a relatively short space of time and I feel fabulous.  In just 15 weeks I've lost over two stone!

I'm happy in myself, much more confident, and super excited about starting shopping for wedding dresses.  Before I started SW I was dreading the wedding dress trying on process because I felt so self-conscious, now I am so excited about it all.

I am surrounded by such motivating, inspiring, incredible people at my group I honestly feel SW is the cheapest, most effective therapy out there.  Sharing something as personal as a weight loss journey with a group of strangers terrified the hell out of me when I joined.

I remember the feeling walking into group on my first night - I was absolutely terrified.  I felt nervous, sick, and really shy - not like me in the slightest!

But the group of people there are amazing.  Everyone is so friendly and supportive of everyone's individual goals.  Even when I've had a week that hasn't been great, or a result on the scale I've not liked seeing, I've felt lifted and happy listening to everyone else's successes.

Last night I felt like a wally because everyone was asking how I'd done, expecting me to be upset with a gain after reading my blog, and I felt so silly saying I'd lost a pound.

I put it down to my intense gym session just before where I blasted the stair master and sweat like a pig.  I also took my bra off before I was weighed (absolute desperate times!) But purely because it was all sweaty which would have created added weight.  I would have stood there naked last night to get a good result, that's how desperate I was haha!

But last week is done now.  It has been put to bed and I'm another pound closer to target.  This week I'm going to be 110% focused.  I have nothing to de-rail me except a night out with my best friend on Saturday for 'a few drinks'.  I usually say 'a few' and then end up battered and doing shots with random people in Kans, but not this time... Famous last words.

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