One man's trash is another man's treasure

I love the British Soap Awards. In fact, I love awards ceremonies in general. The Oscars, the Grammy's, the VMAs, the BAFTAs etc etc... What I don't like, is when 'news' outlets criticise, analyse and pick on every single detail about what women wear.

I love looking at all the frocks and, as ever, tonight's Soap Awards did not disappoint. My personal favourite was Stephanie Waring's - she looked smoking!!

I also loved Nikki Sanderson's, Jacqueline Jossa's and Jennifer Metcalfe's. As did Mail Online. The Mirror, however, slated all three of their outfits. How is it okay for the media to trash women in this way? One site sings praises, one slates them.

As the saying goes, one man's trash is another man's treasure. Everyone's tastes are different. But you shouldn't be allowed to talk trash about what someone is wearing just because it isn't to your taste.

I understand that everyone's tastes are different and, of course, everyone is entitled to an opinion. But how is this shaming deemed ok? I remember from a young age reading the best and worst dressed pages in magazines, as media outlets pit women against each other in the fashion stakes. 

I used to think when I was little, and fantasised about being a celebrity, that I would be mortified if I ever featured on the worst dressed page. When all those people got ready for their event, awards ceremony, night out or whatever they were being photographed for, they probably thought they looked stunning.

They will have spent time picking out the outfit that someone in a fancy office sat and slated. To be told that something you thought looked nice is worthy of the 'frocky horror show' must be horrible. 

Worst thing about tonight's comments is that I actually thought Nikki Samderson, Jen Metcalfe and Jacqueline Jossa's looked stunning - rare that I agree with the Mail Online!

I don't really know much about fashion, and I know for a fact I have worn some questionable outfits in my time so would never dream of commenting on others in such negative ways, but I know when comments go from analysis to all out unkindness. 

People always say there's no such thing as bad press but it can't be nice to read negative things about yourself like this? Although, saying that, I'm sure these women have far more important and exciting things to be doing tonight - like partying at the British Soap Awards - rather than sat reading one person's unkind opinion slagging them off. 

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