Hello Facebook, I am on board!

I've finally got round to taking a pro-active step with my blog and have created a Facebook page specifically for that.  It might not seem like a big deal, but I finally feel like I am taking this whole blogging thing seriously now.

It means there's a place I can spam my blog posts, without peeing off my Facebook friends who really don't care about what I have to say.  It also will stop (I hope) so many random people adding me on Facebook.

Don't get me wrong, I love it when people send me nice messages on Facebook after reading my blog.  That really makes me feel like it's all worthwhile.  I got a really nice one once from a lady who'd stumbled across my Slimming World blogs and joined off the back of reading my experience.  That definitely was a nice one to read.

But a friend request is sometimes a bit far.  I hope I don't sound too mean here.  Often when I've had a blog post go viral I find myself getting loads of friend requests from people I have zero mutual friends with.  At least this way, they can like my page and see all my blogging updates without having to see personal things that I only want to share with my friends and family.  Apologies if you now think I'm a massive bitch, I promise you I'm not really!

Anyway, back to my page, I haven't really done a right lot on it so far.  I literally just made the page half an hour ago.  But it's work in progress, and I'm excited!

I really want to make my blog a success, so I'm really going to commit to writing more engaging, interesting content.  It's all well and good me babbling about things in my life, but I'm sure many people don't care about that.

So, if you haven't already, please head over to my page and give it a like.

I'll try and be funny, so it won't be a wasted like.  And I'll try not to spam you all too much.

You'll find me by searching NatalieDerham.co.uk in the search bar or visiting www.facebook.com/wordsbynat.

While I'm on with the begging I may as well go all out... so if you could possibly share my page or invite your friends to like it too, that would be magnificent.

I've had so, so much support from so many people since I started writing my blog, and I really appreciate all the likes and shares and lovely comments I've had to far.  Hopefully this is the start of the next very exciting chapter for me.

So buckle up guys we're off on this ride together!

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