I've officially hit adulthood - I had to unblock my own hair from the plughole

I realised the other night as I stood ankle-deep in water in the shower that sometimes I still really need my mum and dad.

Yep, I was 99% sure there was a huge hairball of mine clogging the plug hole.  Now, if I still lived at mum and dad's I'd just drop it into conversation with my dad and, being the hero he is, he would swoop in a unblock it.  Not before bringing the huge offending hairball into my bedroom to show me what I'd done, of course.  I never understood how my blonde hair could become so dark and gross.

But there's none of that now.  I could text him and ask him to come unblock it, but I'm pretty sure the response would only be two words, one of them being 'off'.

As I attempted to yank my manky hair out of the plughole it made me realise that, even though I'm almost 25, there are still things I need my parents for.

I'm a pretty independent person and I always thought I was far more grown up beyond my years when I was growing up.  But when I'm sick I still want my mum there holding my hair back, and when the chain on a necklace breaks I still need my dad to fix it.  My dad could probably start a pretty successful handyman/gardening business after all the hours he's spent at our house hanging things, fixing things, making things and building things.  One week he's fixing a leak in our washing machine pipe, the next he's laying a patio, then he's fixing my car.

I was always a grateful child, teenager and adult when I lived with my mum and dad.  I always pulled my weight around the house and made sure they knew I appreciated all that they did for me.  But I can't help thinking I should have asked to learn to do more for myself.  Like filling my car washer bottles, for example, or checking the oil in my car.  Something my dad would always do when he washed my car each week.  Now I have to pay £5 for it washing and nobody checks those for me. *sob*

Actually, that's a fib, Tom does my washer bottles and hoovers my car out and sorts any other vehicle-related problems for me.  I just need to train him to unclog my hair from the shower plug hole and I'll really be onto a winner!

Don't get me wrong, I'm not completely useless.  I'm a pretty good cook and can make a banging Sunday dinner.  Me and Tom have lived in our own house for over 18 months now and the place is still standing - we've not burnt it to the ground or had any disasters (aside from Tom falling down the stairs one night and smashing a glass ornament!)  But there are just some things I always go straight to my parents for, and probably always will.

It's not all bad, though, I'm quite certain they like it a little bit when I still need them for things.  I'm sure that unblocking my hair from the plughole would not be something they'd appreciate, though!

On a side note, if anyone can tell me how to properly unclog the plughole in the shower I would be eternally grateful.  I've bought that sink and plughole unblocker before but it obviously can't be that great as it's more blocked now than it was before I used it a month or so ago!  It was Home Bargains' own version though, maybe I need to stop being so tight and splash out on Mr Muscle.

Gosh, being a homeowner is hard work!

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