Whoever said "planning your wedding is best time in your life" was on some serious drugs.

Whoever said "planning your wedding is best time in your life" was on some serious drugs.

I could not agree with that sentiment any more right now.

I haven't written a wedding blog for a while and, although I'm not feeling the wedding love/excitement right now, I'm going to do my best!

Tom and I have been having an absolute ball planning everything up until now.  We're pretty organised, all things considered, and have our videographer, photographer, favours ordered, little page boy suit taken care of, venue styling sorted, my dress chosen - everything was falling into place.

A month or so ago we decided to look into booking our honeymoon.  Mainly to get an idea of the cost and a feel for where we could feasibly afford to go given that we would have just paid over £100 a head for 80-odd of our family and friends to have dinner and drinks.

As we found our dream location (Dubai and the Seychelles) was within our budget, we decided we would go ahead and book it.  The deposit wasn't much and we wouldn't have to pay the balance until July.  Fabulous.

What we didn't realise was that we almost booked the damn thing for this September instead of next.  Cue a panic and meltdown of epic proportions from myself as I imagined us going on this huge, extravagant 'holiday' this September, and ending up in bloody Brid for our actual 'honeymoon'.

Thankfully, though, our amazing travel lady sorted it all out for us and we didn't actually end up booking anything for this September.  We're now just waiting for the flights to be released for next September then we can go ahead and get that all booked.  So exiting!

Although, now, I wish we had just booked to go this year to escape from the hell-hole that is wedding planning/general life at present.  Never ever have Tom and I needed a holiday so bad.

As a child, I always imagined that planning my wedding would be a magical, happy, exciting time.  No stress and just happy tears.


I mean, before I was engaged, I had the whole thing planned on Pinterest and that was fine.  But add actual people into the mix and that's where shit goes west; like Kayne style.

Before I started planning our wedding I could never understand how/why people could elope and get married.  Now, on the other hand, I wish that's exactly what we'd done.  I mean, had we accidentally booked our honeymoon for this September we could have just got married there, saved all the hassle.

I'm still in a rotten mood about it all and feel totally unexcited about the whole thing at the moment.  I haven't even updated our countdown since Sunday, that's how bad it is.

I realise this is a very depressing post about what is supposed to be a very happy topic, but I'm really not feeling the joy at the moment.  Absolutely kills me to say that.  I'm usually like the most irritating excited bride-to-be going.  Hopefully the next time I bring you a wedding update I'll have found my way out of this black hole and will be back to being annoyingly excited, counting down the days/hours/minutes until I become Mrs Kershaw.

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