Our big fat Yorkshire wedding

I haven't mentioned the 'w' word for a while, in fact, I haven't really indulged in much wedding-related activities since I got my wedding dress at the start of the summer.

Since going wedding dress shopping and choosing my wedding dress - and after a recommendation by my best friend - I've become obsessed with Say Yes to the Dress UK. I'd watched the American one before going dress shopping but I wasn't totally sold on it.

The UK one, though, I love.

After seeing my dress on a recent episode, I was so SO excited. Not as excited, though, as I would be if I were Greek.

Yep, another recent ep of Say Yes to the Dress UK featured a Greek woman, who was having a big, traditional Greek wedding.

She wanted a huge princess style dress with a massive skirt. Not because she wanted to feel like Cinderella, but because of the Greek traditional money dance.

They had me at money dance.

Apparently, it's tradition at Greek weddings to pin money on the newlyweds. That's right, it's a literal money dance. And the bride wanted such a big skirt because the bigger the skirt, the more money they can fit on it.


I googled this, to see if it was in fact true, and oh my lord it was amazing.

The woman on Say Yes to the Dress UK said with a big dress, they could get tens of thousands of pounds pinned on it. That could pay for the wedding, the honeymoon and a new wardrobe of clothes for said honeymoon. Probably still with some change.

It was with this in mind that I started looking into mine & Tom's heritage, just incase either of our ancestors were Greek. Unfortunately the nearest we could get is family holidays to Greece/the Greek islands. We're looking at more of a Big Fat Yorkshire Wedding, rather than a Big Fat Greek Wedding.

I have to say, though, I'm not sure I'd be happy with people sticking pins in my wedding dress. I get angry when the cat snags my Primark top, never mind if someone pin-pricked my wedding dress! I'm also not sure I'd feel entirely comfortable dancing and people throwing money at me.

I say all of this but if anyone does want to toss any notes our way during our first dance, do feel free.

I knew I'd always loved the Greek people and Greek culture.

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