I've been M.I.A recently, but I'm back!

I've been saying for months now how much I need a holiday, but an all inclusive mini break in York Hospital is not exactly what I had in mind. You've probably not noticed I've been absent from blogging but, if you have, that's why.

Yep, unfortunately I've been a bit under the weather recently.  After being hit with a severe kidney infection I ended up being admitted as an emergency to York Hospital last Friday. Not exactly the chilled bank holiday weekend that Tom and I had in mind.

A six-hour wait to be admitted/seen didn't do a lot to help my situation, but that was not the fault of the doctors and nurses who were working their little legs off to see to us. Sixteen new admissions came onto the ward I was on last Friday, it was so busy.

Nurses who weren't even supposed to be working were called in to help. They were frantic, despite feeling like death warmed up I still felt so sorry for them being so stretched.

By the time I was finally seen, my temperature was nearly 40 degrees and I was not at all well. Suddenly two doctors and four nurses rushed to my bedside and were poking and prodding me, doing tests, and the works.

I was rushed off for middle of the night x-rays and felt they were waiting for me to fall asleep so they could wake me up to change my IV or test something else.

After my consultant expressed worries about my appendix, a CT scan revealed that was all ok and it was just my right kidney that was swollen and inflamed. He said the kidney was trying to resist the treatment and the antibiotics, so they needed to keep me on the drip and keep them really strong to attack it.

I don't really have too much luck with infections.

Five years ago I was admitted to hospital after my doctors missed a chest infection and I ended up getting pneumonia. Again, that was concentrated to my right side.  I have a lovely scar on my back from where they had to operate to drain fluid from my lungs and reinflate it.

I also had a bone tumour removed from my right knee in 2007.

My right side doesn't have all too much luck, really...

After a five day stay, some questionable meals, and one really noisy lady in the bed opposite, I was finally allowed home. Due to the lack of sleep when in hospital, it felt like I'd been in there for weeks.

The only positive to my stay was the inevitable weight loss. Although, I've perhaps lost more weight than I would have liked. I'm now almost half a stone below my Slimming World target weight!!

Tom was an absolute diamond while I was in, and has been even more amazing since I've come out. I still feel a bit groggy and get really tired really easy, but Tom has just taken care of everything.

He's been cooking, cleaning, washing - the works. He won't even let me feed the cats! I've also had lovely messages/cards from my wonderful family and friends. My living room smells amazing from all the beautiful flowers I've received.

Hopefully that's me done with illnesses and hospitals now. I have the next week off work and, since I can't seem to do a right lot without needing a nap, I'm hoping to put my time to good use and write some blogs.

So watch this space you lovely lot!

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