I'm going to look like a disco ball at every possible opportunity

I planned on writing this post a few weeks ago after I had actually been shopping but a serious kidney infection got in the way & I ended up in hospital. Thanks to that little stay, though, everything still has the tags on and is brand new, so my attempt at a 'fashion' blog post can continue.

A trip to Meadowhall for some window shopping (lol) saw me leave with all things metallic.

I didn't realise I was so obsessed until I did typical home from shopping photo with everything laid out on my bed. I say 'everything', my shiny/metallic haul was two tops and a pair of heels, but for someone who wasn't even going to buy anything while shopping, that's plenty.

Working our way round Meadowhall we started in River Island and worked our way to Primark.

I learnt the hard way to not buy the first thing I see in River Island until I've seen if Primark do a similar piece. And that's what happened this time.

This pretty pink top had a twin in RI, at a much steeper price than the £8 I paid. I also got some smart jeans to wear with it, so it can be dressed up or just worn with leggings.

Continuing my shiny/metallic obsession, and also my impressive Primark haul, was these absolute beauties.

At just £12 they're an absolute bargain!!! When I came out of hospital I just laid in bed wearing them - it's amazing how much better they made me feel.

I can't wait for their first outing!

I also got a 'very me' top, which would go perfectly with the beaut shoes.

It was a Zara buy and is perfect for all those nights out I never go on anymore... Ha! It will be my go-to top the next one, whenever that is, that's for sure.

It was my most expensive buy of the whole day - in which I only spent £50 - but it's just so pretty.

Before the other weekend I hadn't bought new clothes in aaaages. Saving for a wedding has cutdown my shopping habits dramatically. So it was beaut to get some shiny (literally) new purchases ahead of my favourite season in the year - Autumn!!

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