You have to try this syn free 'cheesecake'

It's a trend that's been incredibly popular at my Slimming World group for a good month or so now - syn free 'cheesecake'.

I'd tried a variation of it when I first bought grape nuts but I really wasn't sold on it. Given how many people are now trying, and enjoying, it, I thought I'd give it another go.

I have no idea where I went wrong before, but oh my life, it was amazing. If you hadn't known any different, you'd have been forgiven for thinking it was actual cheesecake.

There are many variations on how you can make it, but I stuck to basics making it completely syn free (and perfect for an SP day).

For the base, I just used 40g grape nuts (HEB) and a dash of vanilla essence; mixed it together and squashed it in the bottom. I then added some Quark, sweetened with a teaspoon of sweetener, on top of the grape nut base. Then, simply, top with whatever fruit you fancy.

Other ladies at my group have made the creamy bit by mixing Quark and a flavoured Muller light, but I found just adding that little bit of sweetener to it was enough.

Then, leave it in the fridge to chill. When I made the ones pictured, they were chilling for almost 24 hours.

The longer you can leave them, the better. The grape nuts soak in the moisture from the Quark/fruit/sweetener so turn into a biscuit-like cheesecake base, rather than the crunchy texture they have when fresh out of the box.

We had it for pudding after tea last night and I was still full up when we went to bed. It tasted so indulgent, is so filling, and is a great sweet-treat alternative.

I made one for Tom - who is still on his 'clean eating' programme - and he loved it, too.

He was sold on it because the grape nuts box said high protein, and the Quark is obviously high protein too.

It's one I would definitely recommend you try - whether it be for breakfast, pudding or a sweet snack.

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