24 signs your Love Island obsession has peaked

There are two types of people in this world - those who watch Love Island, and those who pretend they don't watch Love Island.

It's the Balearic-based reality TV programme that has taken over the nation.

Camilla has won everyone's hearts, Jonny is public enemy number one, and we now all know the name of at least one member of Blazin' Squad.

Here's 24 signs you're obsessed with Love Island (not that you probably needed that confirming!)

1. You spend your entire day counting down until 9pm.
Eat, Love Island, sleep, repeat.

2. Saturday is suddenly the worst night of the week.
Because, yeah it's nice to leave the house, but 47 hours is too long to wait to get our latest fix of Villa action.

3. You're slowly but surely following all the islanders on every social media platform.
Until they start plugging charcoal toothpaste, cleansing teas and hair thickening tablets, then they'll be unfollowed quicker than two celebs during a break-up.

4. You showed more interest in Jonny and Camilla's romance than your own love life.
We were all rooting for you, Jamilla.

5. Your life was instantly made when discovering you can now buy the Love Island water bottles.
FINALLY!!! For those who haven't yet discovered this, simply download the Love Island app and visit the shop on there.

6. The Love Island app is life.
Polls, previews, pics from the islanders phones - it's every fan's dream.

7. You cried when Camilla cried.
We love you, Camilla.

8. You can't listen to Amber talking about "her type on paper" or putting her eggs into baskets anymore.
Her notebook and egg baskets must be huge!

9. You've had debates in the office over whether Mike was muggy or magic.
His face just screams "muggy".

10. You've thought, at length, about who you'd couple up with if you were in the villa.
And changed your mind every time one of them has acted like a spoon. Except Marcel. He's a God.

11. You're heartbroken to learn we're at the halfway point of the series.
What will life be like A.L.I (after Love Island)?!?!

12. If by some catastrophe you've missed an episode you've experienced the agonising wait of ITV Hub uploading the episode.
Seriously, how can Emmerdale be uploaded within minutes of it finishing and Love Island take hours?!

13. You firmly believe that had Dom really liked/loved Jess, he would have walked.
Because what's the point in staying in Love Island if you ain't looking? As they all say, it's not Friend Island.

14. You talk about the islanders like you actually know them personally.
"Yeah, I really think Kem should just sack Amber off, he can do so much better."

15. You've upped our workout routine after seeing their bodies.
Seriously, though, how good is Montana's arse?

16. Dick sand actually makes sense to you.
Let's be honest, girls, we've all been there.

17. As soon as the episode finishes you de-brief in your WhatsApp groups.
Usually expressing your excitement at tomorrow's episode. 

18. You've considered playing 'The Love Island drinking game'
But aren't quite sure that you'd like to die just yet.
19. You have to resist the urge to shout "I'VE GOT A TEXT" when your phone goes.
Even if it's not a text.

20. You want Camilla to couple up with herself and win.
She's a strong, independent woman who don't need no man!

21. You're always jealous of Montana's snack game.
The girl is always eating, I love her.

22. The fact episodes are now longer than an hour is the best thing that happened since series three graced our screens.
It almost makes up for no episode on a Saturday. Almost...

23. The only thing you're looking forward to about Love Island finishing is going to bed earlier.
It's sad, but it's true.

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