Camilla asked the perfect question on last night's Love Island - shouldn't we all be feminists?

Of all the topics I expected to be discussed on Love Island, feminism is not one of them.

I expected conversations about plastic surgery, sex, the best way to contour, hair removal, how to execute the perfect squat, more sex...

But last night's episode caught me by surprise.

When I saw the preview, and saw Camilla crying because she found out something about Jonny that she didn't like, I never thought it would be that.

As the pair, who seemed to be embarking on a blossoming romance, entered into a conversation in the kitchen the topic quickly shifted to feminism, equality and women's rights.

It all stemmed from whether or not Jonny would pay on a date. He said he would feel emasculated if a woman paid, and wouldn't even entertain going halves. Camilla, on the other hand, said she felt it fair a woman also pay her way and wouldn't like being paid for all the time.

Soon, the pair were in a heated debate about equality between men and women.

Jonny maintained that women were far more equal in today's society than they had ever been, even throwing in a bit of topical politics by stating, quite rightly, that the Prime Minister is a woman.

However, Camilla said the whole problem was that Jonny didn't think there was still a gender gap in terms of jobs, pay, and equality of the sexes. When, quite clearly, there is.

Their conversation ended in tears, with Camilla getting quite upset that she had kissed someone before knowing their beliefs on an issue so important to her.

Hats off to the girl for having such an admirable moral code, I've kissed guys before and not even known their name!

She took a lot of stick on social media for getting so upset, for reacting the way she did, and for raising the issue at all. But it's so important that she did.

Not everyone is going to share the same views, that's the beauty of the world that we live in - everyone is entitled to have a different opinion on things.

When Jonny asked Camilla if she was a feminist she had the best reply ever, asking: "Shouldn't we all be?"

Yes girl!


Everyone should care about women's rights, whether you're a woman or not. Being a feminist shouldn't be a bad thing. It shouldn't be a derogatory term, or a taboo subject.

Someone who cares so passionately about equality is the kind of person who should be celebrated online. It's an important subject which has now been raised in front of a brand new audience, some of whom have probably never even considered it as an issue in today's society.

As topics of conversation go on Love Island, I think this is probably the most important.

Closely followed in second, of course, by Marcel being in Blazin Squad.

I accept Jonny's argument that there isn't the huge gap that there used to be, the UK has come a long way in ensuring women are on more of a level playing field. But to say, just because the PM is a woman, that there aren't equal rights between men and women is not right.

Camilla's job in the real world means she will see huge inequalities between men and women all around the world. There are societies where women have no role to play except feeding and caring for their man and their family. They're deprived of an education, of a career and of a voice.

We are no way in that situation in this country, thankfully, but Camilla's argument wasn't just about women in this country - it's a global problem that needs to be addressed.

And I salute her for standing up for her beliefs and not just dropping her knickers for the first guy who showed an interest in her. Her integrity, her beliefs and her kind heart make her my favourite girl  by far in the villa.

I really, really hope the producers can find the perfect man for her because the early days between her and Jonny were just my favourite. Her little eyes twinkling and lighting up - she needs that again!

I do concede, though, she is probably in the wrong place if she wants to meet a guy who shares her views on the topic of feminism, gender equality and is willing to enter into an educational discussion. Which makes me very sad.

Jonny was the closest guy currently in there to ticking the boxes, and probably even understood what it all meant, let alone would enter into a debate about it. I can't imagine many of the other guys who are in there, or are lined up to enter, would even get drawn into such conversations.

I really hope, though, that a guy watching resonated with what she said and sent off his application to the Love Island producers, because that's the kind of romance I want to watch blossom on my screen.

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