"It took a lot of willpower, but I finally gave up dieting"

I just bloody love Slimming World. And my Slimming World group, in particular.

Last night's group was just lovely. There wasn't as many of us there as normal, but secretly I was glad because it meant it would finish earlier and I'd definitely be home for Love Island starting at 9pm!

Despite there being less people, it was still a great group.

One of the lovely ladies got to target after losing a jaw-dropping five and a half stone!!! Honestly, I am so in awe of her, to lose such a vast amount of weight is admirable. She'd brought some of her before pictures in and she's unrecognisable. 

There's another lady who goes to the earlier group on a Wednesday who got to her target last week. She's lost - wait for it - EIGHT STONE!!!!! She'd also lost around a stone and a half, I think, before joining Slimming World, meaning her unofficial loss is nine and a half stone.

NINE AND A HALF STONE! When she told me last week I couldn't believe it. That's like a person.

Again, she's unrecognisable from when she first joined. She told me she'd seen one of her husband's friends, who they hadn't seen for some time, and he walked straight past her as he didn't even recognise her. 

Just incredible. 

The target celebration alone at the start of group made me feel all warm inside and motivated last night. As did group itself, hearing everyone's stories about their week and their plans for the week ahead.

Then it was the Diamond Member of the Year awards.

For those who didn't read my blog yesterday, the Diamond Member of the Year awards celebrates target members who have stayed at their target for at least a year. You become a Diamond Member after staying at your target weight for a year. So managing to do that is a huge achievement in itself!

Beth had text me on Tuesday to say I had been nominated and to prepare to say a few words, but I didn't have a clue what to say.

I just babbled a bit, about how Slimming World has changed my lifestyle, my eating habits and me as a person. 

And, low and behold, I won! I couldn't believe it.

I felt all overcome and didn't really know what to do. Then Beth was thrusting all these things into my arms and I felt like a rabbit caught in headlights.

It was so, so lovely to win, though.

The other lady who was nominated was so lovely, I really wanted to go all Cady Heron and share my prizes with her.

I went home feeling so positive and motivated to stick at it, no matter what life throws. Beth gave me some of the nomination slips that people had written last week, too.

She'd had them laminated for me so I could keep them and read them if I was having a bad day.

They were so, so sweet I felt a bit emotional when I read them when I got home. The general vibe was that I am always so positive - and that really made me feel fuzzy.

It's so lovely that other people think I am a positive person. Often, I don't feel too positive about myself - like any girl, I am sure. Knowing that other people think that of me, though, makes me feel more positive.

That maybe makes no sense whatsoever, but I know what I mean!

With that positivity firmly in place, I felt good when I got home. I'll be honest, usually when I get back from group on a Wednesday I eat like shit. I don't have time for tea before group as I go straight to the gym from work, so by the time I get home around 9pm I am ravenous. While I was on my weight loss journey, my Wednesday night tea was restrained. Often poached eggs on toast or a ham and cheese toastie.

But, since getting to target, it's like someone's told me I'll never eat again after a Wednesday night. I don't know what it is about post-group, because of course it all still counts the next time you get on the scales. Something in me just thinks it's ok to stuff two packets of crisps and a Twirl down my throat while waiting for my toast to be ready. It really isn't, though. From now, my mini goal is to stop my post-group binges.

Last night was my first night of deciding I wouldn't have my usual synful binge. I opted for some leftover 'dirty rice' that was in the fridge. And it tasted even better knowing I was keeping on track.

For those wondering what the hell dirty rice is, it's not rice that's been on the floor. It's basically pork mince fried with cajun and a variety of whatever I had in my fridge that needed eating. It had celery, red onion, peppers and cherry tomatoes in. I added Worcester sauce and soy sauce as well as some chicken stock and a bit of tomato puree. It's probably nothing like the other recipes out there but it was bloody lovely!! Most other recipes I've seen use bacon. Mine would have had bacon, too, if we hadn't eaten it all on Sunday morning...

Today, I've bought porridge and raspberries to have for my breakfast and am going to have an Iceland SW meal for my lunch. Since moving offices I am loving life because there's an Iceland in Goole, so the days I am totally unorganised in terms of lunch mean I still make good choices.

I put on half a pound at group last night which I was over the bloody moon about. After the copious amounts of naughty food I consumed over the weekend, I was chuffed to ribbons that it was only half a pound.

I am still comfortably in my target range, but would ideally like a loss next week. Even if it's only a little one.

I wrote in my blog yesterday that Slimming World can't be called a diet, and it really can't.

A diet to me is depriving yourself of good things, and I definitely don't do that.

One of my prizes last night was a mug and it had the perfect saying on it...

I've now got it firmly placed on my desk at work to remind me that Slimming World is a lifestyle change, a plan for life. Diets are things that you do for a certain amount of time before sacking them off and trying something new.

Slimming World isn't temporary, it's for life.

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