Tom and I have been keeping a little secret...

...I've been growing an actual human baby!

Our little perfect peanut is due on 13th June 2018.

Yep, I have an actual, human baby growing in my tummy. Not a fur baby with four legs, or a food baby, a real-life person with wriggly arms and legs and a strong, beating heart.

When we went for our first scan it was having a right little wriggle as the lady pressed on my bursting bladder very hard with her little gadget. Peanut was flipping, jumping and busting all kinds of shapes. Obvs gets its moves from mumma!

We have been absolutely dying to tell the world our news, but have wanted so much to know that everything was ok first. People have kept saying to me how quiet I've been on the blogging front, and just on social media in general, but it's hard when this huge thing if your life is a big secret. So expect lots and lots of pregnancy spam posts now - I'm so sorry in advance!

I've been struggling quite a bit with the first trimester, so it's been difficult to hide it. And, in particular, hide my ever-growing belly. I'm so glad I can justify it now!

Tom has already started churning out the absolutely outrageous baby names. I think he hates the baby already, some of the suggestions are insane. Someone needs to sit him down and have a word.

We haven't bought anything 'baby' yet. We were so set on making sure everything was ok at the scan before going on a mad one in the baby clothes section. But, now we have seen it wriggling and fidgeting away, we might start to pick up a few littles bits.

So, yeah, there we have it - our very own little honeymoon baby! The best, most special, long-lasting souvenir we could have possibly acquired.

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