It's all going on!

We're now over the halfway point and, as Tom said so lovingly the other day, I now look like I've got a football stuffed up my top.
Suddenly, the last couple of weeks, I seem to have started looking very pregnant, very quickly. At first, I was really struggling with my changing belly (read more here). I didn't look pregnant, just like I'd put weight on, and it was hard to get my head around putting so much weight on so quickly, especially as I've always struggled with my weight and my body; having only in the last year or so finally reached my 'happy place' in terms of my body and figure.

However, now I have a proper baby bump appearing, I absolutely love it. I find myself stood stroking it when talking to people and just love looking at it. It's so amazing how there is a baby growing in there, isn't the human body fascinating?

My body is still changing every single day as well, I honestly didn't think there was much left to change!

My boobs are still growing at a rapid rate of knots. I'll be giving Katie Price a run for her money by the time June (and I) roll around! I dread to even think what they're going to be like when I (hopefully) start breastfeeding.

I've never had big boobs, I've always been pretty modest/small on top, so I'm struggling to adapt. As one of my friends put it the other day "look at the size of them!!!"

My belly button is also starting to pop out. At first, this creeped me out so much. I used to have my belly button pierced, but now just have the scar. I could only ever see the top of the scar, where the ball on the bar used to go, with the other side obviously inside my belly button.

Now, both bits are visible. It's so weird.

My belly button itself is also creeping closer to popping out every day. When I lie down it's almost smooth. As I said, it really creeped me out before but, because it's happened so gradually, I am fascinated by it now. I love poking it and looking at it. I'm such a freak, I know.

Now, because I love a bit of over-sharing, for the real change.

I can no longer see my fairy. It's official.

Unless I stand naked looking at myself in the mirror (which I tend not to do much at the moment because I am very much like a beach ball) then I can't see it. I still have 19 weeks to go until my due date, which is a lot of fuzziness to deal with.

I remember watching an episode of Keeping up with the Kardashians where Kourtney was pregnant and she was in the bath while Scott tended to her de-fuzzing situation 'downstairs'. I'm not sure I'm ready to let Tom loose with a razor down there, but I'm definitely not brave enough to have a wax just yet. Although, thinking of it, I maybe should get used to an uncomfortable, painful bit of business 'down there' to prepare me, somewhat, for childbirth.

Lol at me comparing childbirth to having a wax. I am so naive. 

Right, let's stop talking about my fairy for the time being and move onto something far more exciting.

So, my best friend and I have done everything together for years. We have a way of always being in sync with each other, we'll message each other at the same time asking each other the same question; or we'll say the same thing at the same time; and we share the same views/opinions on so much stuff.

Last year we were lucky enough to get married just a few months apart and planned our weddings together. We got to enjoy our hen parties just months apart, wedding dress fittings, bridesmaid dress fittings, make-up trials, and then the big days themselves.

We've always joked about being pregnant at the same time and getting to spend our maternity leave together. And, of course, have baby best friends.

This weekend, after what feels like forever keeping it a secret, Soph announced that her and Paul are welcoming little baby Duck into the world in August. Tom and I could not be more excited for them and are super happy and proud that our besties are going to be parents.

It's been so hard keeping Soph's secret a secret, even harder than when I was trying to keep my own pregnancy quiet in the early days! I also feel so much more excited for Soph than I did when I found out I was pregnant. Like when I saw Khloe Kardashian was pregnant - I was more excited for her than I was for myself!

Soph is due just seven and a bit weeks after me, so our bubbas will be so close in age and are bound to be besties from the off. I already feel so thankful that Peanut will have a best friend for life in Baby Duck. I know Soph and Paul are going to make the best parents ever, so I am so excited for the rest of the year and all the exciting journeys we get to go on together once again.

There we have it, it's all going on!!

I really need to start writing about something other than pregnancy, though. I feel I am boring so many of you cos, let's be honest, who wants to read about my vanishing vagina and ever-growing boobs every week? I will try and find some different content for you all, but I can't promise I will get very far!

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