Half a stone down in two weeks

Last night I had my second weigh-in since being back at Slimming World and lost 4lb - meaning I've lost half a stone in two weeks. I also got Slimmer of the Week for my group!

I am now just 2lb heavier than I was when I first joined Slimming World back in 2016... But, I am also three to four stone lighter than I was nine weeks ago, before Peyton was born.

I had a really good week last week, food wise, and managed to prepare my meals much better than the week previously. I also managed to get more speed on my plate, usually in the form of spinach.

When I did Slimming World the first time around, spinach was my go-to. I'd always fill at least a third of my plate with it and put it in almost everything.

This is a Lean in 15 recipe and worked out about 8-9 syns - totally worth it!
I've tried to try some new recipes this last week, too, so that it kept things interesting. That's what I love most about Slimming World, that you can still eat normally and not deprive yourself of good meals.

My breakfasts have been the same everyday - overnight oats - but that's because it's so hard to eat breakfast. Because Peyton sleeps so long at night time she feeds like a trooper on a mooring, making up for all the milk she missed out on during the night, so I very rarely get chance to eat my breakfast with both hands/in less than half an hour/before midday.

Lunch has depending, again, on how she has been. Some days I had leftovers from the previous night and others I'd just make a quick sandwich.

As I am breastfeeding I get more healthy extras. This is a godsend for me because it means I get oats at breakfast, bread at dinnertime and still have one HEB left for snacks/more bread before bed/a bowl of cereal.

Sticky five spice gammon with my trusty side of spinach.
I haven't really been spending my syns, either. Rather than spend 15 syns on one bar of chocolate, like I did before, I've been having meals that use a few syns. If I've been feeling completely full and satisfied after my tea I don't need anything else. Which, often, is a good job because I don't usually get time to eat it anyway!

What I have been really struggling with is syn free snacks during the day. When I was pregnant I was reaching for the biscuits and easily troffing half a packet, at least, in just one sitting.

Fruit is easy to snack on but it gets a bit tiring reaching for an apple, or some blueberries, every single day.

I got the new Slimming World magazine when I was at group last week and there were some picnic recipes in there that I thought would make great snacks/lunchtime options. I tried the sticky sausages first, which also included a recipe for a nice sounding relish.

The not-so-sticky looking 'sticky sausages'.
I made these one night, when Peyton had gone to bed, and snacked on them during the days that followed.

While they didn't look like the picture in the magazine, and weren't exactly 'sticky', they were still really, really tasty.

Other meals I have enjoyed have included pork and apple burgers, from the Pinch of Nom website, and a chicken kebab and spicy rice, also from the same website.

It definitely didn't taste as 'charred' as it looks - my pork and apple burger with the best Slimming World chips I think I've ever made!
I also finally got to try the 1 syn cod and chorizo burgers from Morrisons and, boy, they were worth the wait. Days when I am really hungry, I'd definitely have two. For one syn each - why not?!

They reminded me, actually, of a dish my mum used to make which was cod in a chorizo crumb. The recipe for that was from a Hairy Dieters book which she had dug out for me, so I'll give that a whirl one night.

The chicken kebab that everyone raves about - and I can see why!
Served with the syn free Nando's spicy rice
I love looking through recipe books that aren't Slimming World sometimes, just to get new ideas and inspiration for meals. It's so easy to adapt most things to be Slimming World friendly - whether it be low syn or syn free.

The cod and chorizo burger was worth the wait - so much so that I tucked in before taking a picture!
I have all the Lean in 15 books so went through them the other night and picked out a few things to do this next week. One of which is a firm favourite of mine, his beef pie.

I'm planning to do that Sunday and it'll be just 5.5 syns per portion (just syns for the pastry) once I've tweaked the original recipe and made it friendly for Slimming World.

I'm also going to make a prawn tagliatelle, something with salmon (not sure what yet, I just really fancied it!), the cod and chorizo burgers again, and the rest of the pork and apple burgers that I have left in the freezer from last week.

I was so, so happy this week to have lost 4lbs. I felt, this week, like I had lost weight.

I managed to get back into a pair of non-maternity, pre-pregnancy jeans this week.

Granted, when I wore them before I was pregnant it was with a belt - as they were a bit big - and they're VERY snug now, but I was still able to fasten them and sit down without feeling like my circulation was going to be cut off. I wore them all day and I felt absolutely fabulous!!

It's a shame the same couldn't be said for my top.

Since getting pregnant, and breastfeeding Peyton, my boobs have grown an insane amount. I've gone from my dinky, little B/C cups to huge, ginormous F cups! While this is great, to an extent, as I have always wanted bigger boobs, it is annoying because none of my nice, pre-pregnancy tops fit me.

We have booked to go to Center Parcs next month so I need to invest in some swimwear that will

1. cover my stretch marks sufficiently
2. fit my melons in
3. be easy to breastfeed in (incase P has a milk-related meltdown poolside)

I have found a few options on ASOS so will order them and try narrow it down over the weekend.

I am also hoping to have lost a stone by the time we go. It's optimistic, as it's just over four weeks away, but I believe it is do-able.

So, here goes, another week and, hopefully, another nice loss at the end of it!

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