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It's been a while since I blogged (until today, when I've already written two posts - one about returning to work, the other about weaning off the boob).

Before these, the last time I shared my posts with you I was talking about how we'd done some sleep training with Peyton. We are still doing really well on an evening in terms of sleep. She goes down now for 7pm and is asleep in less than a minute with zero fussing or crying. She wakes up once for a feed, usually around 3am/4am - which lasts about 10 mins - then is back to sleep until 6ish. Last week, for some unknown reason, she was waking up between 5am and 5.30am every morning. That was draining. But this week we've been back to 6am/6.15am. Monday, she slept till 7.30am!!! That was amaze.

In total, now, she sleeps for about 11 hours (obvs with that one wake up in between) which is a massive improvement on the absolute shit show that we were experiencing around, and after, Christmas.

Daytime naps are still hit and miss. The last two days we've been home when she's been due her morning nap, so she's gone down in her cot. It's taken between 20 and 25 mins to get her off, she fights it like a trooper, but once she's gone down she's slept for around 1hr 20mins. So that's progress! Her afternoon nap, when we're home, is always more successful. It takes about 5-10 mins to get her to give into that one, but she often doesn't sleep for more than 45 mins then.

She's so funny when she wakes up, her hair is always craaaazy. 

Since I last blogged we've seen a little daredevil develop before our very eyes. She lets go of things now when she's standing up, and holds it for a few seconds before toppling down. She has, however, learnt how to fall now. Earlier, she was stood up and fell forwards, but put her hands down to stop her face planting the carpet. Isn't it amazing how they learn these vital things so young?

She has also started taking steps when pushing her walker along. She can't even stand properly unaided yet, so proper walking is a good while away, but she's proper speedy when she's something to hold onto.

I posted a video of her doing it on my Instagram story this week, and I proper questioned myself before and after. I hate posting things of her "achieving" things as I really don't want to sound like one of those braggy parents, always like "look what my one is doing now" and "oh she's done this, that and the other today, isn't she brilliant." I hate it when people compare their babies, it drives me mad. 

Every baby develops differently, because they're all unique little people, so are going to do things at different times. There are things other babies are doing, or have been doing for ages, that Peyton can't do yet. And that's fine. She took much longer than most to be able to sit unaided, but I didn't worry too much about it. And she still doesn't sleep through the night without waking at least once for milk, but she'll get there when she's ready (hopefully sooner rather than later...!) 

Other babies her age are clapping now, or waving, or blowing kisses - she doesn't do any of that. But I'm not worrying about it, she'll do it when she's ready. We're just doing us, because that's all that matters. If I watched what other babies her age were doing all the time I'd go crackers. No two are the same, and that's why the world is so bloody wonderful.

I'm a notorious over-thinker, and consequently a worrier, and always think way too much about what other people will think. I'm conscious of people thinking that all I can talk about is Peyton, so don't like to bombard them with pictures, videos and updates all the time. My social media is basically a shrine to her, but she's literally the only interesting thing in my life so it'd be boring as chuff otherwise! But I'm careful about what I select to post, because I don't want to open myself up to that competitive baby world.

I hope that makes sense! I just wanna be able to do me, and P, but without coming across as too braggy in the process.

Anyway, enough of that, I hope you get what I mean!

This is completely probably not even worth mentioning but I'm so excited cos she looks so cute and grown up, but we got her some hair clips this week and OH MY GOD I CAN'T DEAL WITH HER. Her hair has grown a ridiculous amount in the last week and her fringe was covering her eyes. I am reluctant to get it cut because it sits differently every day, so I don't want it to look wonky or like I've tried to cut it myself. So, instead, I've clipped it out the way and gahhh she just looks so cute.

Sorry, I just had to have that little moment there. (Just for some context, as I was writing that, I started filling up because sometimes she is so cute she makes me wanna cry. Other times, she's such a nightmare she makes me want to cry. And that, ladies and gents, is parenting in a nutshell.)

Anyway, moving on, weaning is going so, so well now. Suddenly, a few weeks ago, she started eating loads more. It was around the time we got her a new plate (this is the one we've got, incase anyone is interested - it was a proper bargain) so I'm not sure whether it being set out differently has helped, but she's certainly eating loads better.

She almost clears her plate now, very little gets dropped down her front and even less gets launched to the floor. 

I still post her meals to a separate account, specific for baby led weaning so as not to annoy my existing followers anymore than I already must do with the P spam, wherever possible/when I remember to take pictures.

Wherever possible, she eats exactly what we eat. I absolutely love watching her eat, I could sit and watch her all day. 

In terms of what I've been eating, the less said about that the better...!

I've gone to town on my last week or so of maternity leave, enjoying way too much cake. My justification has been that I won't be able to do it when I'm back at work, and when I'm at work I'll eat better because I'll take a healthy lunch and healthy snacks to work with me. We'll see how that plays out!

I do need to ditch the cake soon, though, otherwise I'll be living in onesies when we're in Dubai - and the climate there does not allow for that!

I am confident that it will be easier to cut out the crap when I am back at work, I may just need some long lost willpower. I won't be walking anywhere near as much as I am at the moment so I'll need to restrict what goes in my mouth, otherwise I'll be like a potato.

So, aside from Peyton wanting to be in everything (she's opening kitchen cupboards now, forever sticking her head in the washing machine, and always trying to get into the oven - health and safety would have a friggin' field day in our house, sounds awful when I list it like that hahaha!), and me wanting to stuff everything in my face, I don't think there's much else to report.

She has just cut her third tooth today, not that I'd have known if I'd not seen it poking through, and then felt it for confirmation. She's been an absolute delight today - so that is unsettling, somewhat. Hoping and praying that it doesn't mean she'll be up constantly through the night or be a stroppy sass pot over the weekend. So far, so good, though. She's been asleep over two hours now and I don't even think she's moved! *touches wood*

I think that's it from us. I really hope these updates aren't too boring. It's nice to write these things down to look back on in a few months, or years, and remember all the things she was doing and when. I did get a memory book for her which I filled in religiously for the first four months. Since month five, though, it's been very much neglected. So I'm glad that I've done these little updates (roughly) each month to document everything.

We have got such an exciting few months coming up, so I can't wait to see what else will happen in our little lives and log all our memories, achievements and developments.

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