Baby girl, you're getting so big

Peyton is almost 14 months old now.

Next month, we are going on our first family holiday abroad - to Dubai!

I am so unbelievably excited for a week of fun in the sun with my little team. I am slightly apprehensive about the seven hour flight that will get us there, but I'm thinking positive about it (and arming myself with as many Quavers as I can pack...!)

We went to Dubai on our honeymoon but it was a flying visit, just three nights (and only two days), so we always said we would love to go back. When we were looking for a holiday back in January we found an absolutely amazing deal to go for a week in September, which was too good to turn down, so we booked it. We thought we may as well while Peyton is still free, because who knows when we'll next be able to afford to go abroad.

She's growing up and changing so much every single day, I'm so excited to see what she's like when we're there. She will love the beach; she always has loads of fun playing in the sand at nursery. And I know she'll love the sea and the pool, too, because water is her favourite.

While her personality is coming out more and more everyday, she's also starting to chill out a bit more. Now, she sits happily watching something on TV (Bing is currently the most hypnotising which is great when I want to get something done, but rubbish because he's the whiniest bunny known to man!) and it quite content cuddling into me on the sofa. She's not been all that cuddly since I stopped breastfeeding her. Then, she loved nothing more than a cuddle (and some boob).

Don't get me wrong, she's still a live wire. She will race around the house like a mad woman: screaming, clapping, laughing, shrieking, squealing and just causing general mayhem. However, those moments are balanced out now with some calm, something I felt was lacking for quite a while!

She's getting more and more adventurous with each passing day, which is so lovely to see. She loves exploring the world around her; whether it be an animal or a stone. She loves dogs and cats, and is partial to the cows that are in the field next to her nursery. 

What's probably most exciting at the moment, is she has started saying proper words. We've had "iya" for a week or so now. I absolutely love going into her bedroom on a morning. I open her door and say good morning everyday, and now she's started replying with "iya" with a massive cheeky grin on her face.

This weekend, she's learnt "no", accompanied with the shaking of her head. Now, when she doesn't want a drink, or won't have the Calpol, I get "no" with a firm shake of the head. It's hard not to laugh, because it's so bloody cute, but also really annoying. To be fair, the amount of times I tell her no, I'm not surprised she's picked it up quick.

She also says "oh noooo" whenever she drops anything, which is my favourite so far. She sounds so Yorkshire when she says it, I just love it. I'm also taking a small mum win from the fact it's "oh no" and not "oh shit". It's honestly a miracle, because I swear I say shit more than no.

Everyday I feel like she learns something else at the moment, and I love it. Even stupid things like learning to use cutlery make me wanna burst with pride.

I always thought the baby stage would be my favourite, and never thought too much about having a toddler. However, I must say, that so far I am loving this so much more than I ever thought.

Don't get me wrong, nothing beats the newborn weeks and when they're a baby. There's something so magical and special about that. But, while so, it was a shock to my system. I wasn't sure what to expect, was winging everything from the second I opened my eyes each morning, and I struggled to adapt to this new life. 

Now, she's like a proper little person. She interacts with me, understands what I am saying, and is just so, so loving. She'll come up to me and give me kisses and cuddles (albeit kisses with her mouth open, but we're working on that), she'll hold my hand and walk me around the garden, and she is absolutely hilarious. I feel, dare I say it, like I have my shit together now. My ducks are in something that resembles a row, life feels like it's in order, and everything just feels really, really good.

I loved her being a baby; nothing will ever, ever beat that newborn phase. I'm honestly starting to fill up just thinking about it. But, my God, I'm enjoying her being a toddler way more than I ever thought I would.

I'll come back to you in a few months when the inevitable tantrums start and I am tearing my hair out. But, for now, I am absolutely loving this stage we're at. 

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