Sorry for the radio silence


Sorry for the radio silence from me, life has run away from me a little bit recently.

I've been back at work full-time since July and it's been a real juggling act. It's so hard finding the time to fit everything - and everyone - in now that I spend five days a week at work all day. However, it's got to be done and, for the moment, we're making it work.

I'm still at Slimming World - just 3lbs away from my target now. Although, after the last few days, probably a few more than that!

I'm feeling so, so, so much better about myself. I would almost go as far to say as I feel back to my old self. I'm feeling confident, happy and so comfortable in my own skin again.

Last week I wore a dress that I bought the summer I finished uni and got my first "proper" job; a whole six years ago.

I used to wear it a lot to work, but worried I'd never fit into it again.

Yet, here we are, wearing it on Thursday!!

I'm back in all my pre-pregnancy clothes now and have bought some lovely new things for our holiday (one month today, wahoo!) including bikinis!!!!

Yes, I know I said a few months ago you wouldn't ever see me in a bikini again, but that's how much better I feel. Granted, they are high-waisted bottoms, because I'm not feeling that confident, but it's a huge step that I didn't think I would be taking any time soon.

I really hope I feel as good once we get there, and I step onto the beach. If not, I've got some lovely beach trousers I can wear to cover up!

So, what else have we been doing?

I feel like our feet haven't touched the ground. 

You know, I don't even think I've written about Peyton's first birthday until tonight. So, I've written a separate little something about that, which you can read by clicking on these words here.

It's not the most riveting read. However, I feel like I've started a bit of a tradition here with blogging milestones etc, so couldn't miss her first birthday. 

We've also been to CBeebies Land which was a great day out for Tom and I, as well as P. Again, if you want to read all about that then just follow this link here.

And, finally, we've been to In the Night Garden: Live at the theatre. Another fun-filled, family day out which I've written a few words about, incase anyone is interested, here.

Those are probably some of the bigger, more exciting things. However, we've also done loads of other stuff. We had a heatwave, which warmed us up nicely for Dubai's temperatures; Peyton's started having sleepovers at my mum and dad's; and she's had her first, proper haircut.

Yep, at 13 months old the girl has finally had a much-needed chop.

Granted, it was so much shorter than I was anticipating...

However, it was needed. The top was unruly and the back and sides were just not in the same league.

Now, it's all the same length and is much more tidy.

She had it cut last weekend and, already, it's grown loads. I'm hoping, by the time we go away, we'll be able to put it back in her signature top knot. As much as it's nice her having her hair down, I do love her with it in a pony/top knot!

We've found a love of hoovering...

...eating at the big table...

...visiting the pub...

...being pushed around on my trike...

...eating cucumber whole...

...and a love for animals.

I've really missed writing my blog. I sometimes will be laid in bed, ready to go to sleep, and suddenly will think of loads of things I want to write about. However, finding the time to actually write them is another matter!

The only reason I've managed to churn out so much tonight is because Tom is at work so I've sat here writing since Peyton went to bed at 7pm, and haven't had any tea...! It's gone 9pm now so probably better sign off soon and feed my face.

While I've missed writing, it's also been quite nice.

I've only ever written my blog for me. I started writing it while I was at uni as a place to share my thoughts on current events, issues and topics that I was passionate about. It was a place to show off my writing style and practice writing things that weren't academic essays. I could write about things I was interested in, and that I had an opinion on.

I've shared almost every single milestone moment since then on my blog. Meeting Tom, getting engaged, wedding planning, pregnancy, becoming a mum, dealing with the hard times that brings... 

It's been a place to offload, make sense of how I feel and what I think, and document how my life is changing. It makes me happy to think I've all these periods in my life to look back on one day, like an electronic diary I'm sharing with everyone else.

Whilst that's always been my intention for my blog, I've found myself spending more time looking at the views each post gets. Previously, I'd post it and think nothing of it. However, my last few blogs I've been checking the views; the likes it's got on Facebook; how many people have commented. 

It bothered me that I was starting to care about that, because I've never written this for anyone else; only for me. It's so easy to get tangled up in this social media web, and I didn't want that.

I wanted to keep doing this for me; and for P.

So many things I think about writing but don't, because I don't think people will want to read them. But, from now, I'm going to write it all. The good, the bad and the ugly. The highs, the low and the in betweens. 

I can't promise I'll write as regularly as I used to, but I will do my best.

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