In the Night Garden: Live

I don't even know where to begin with this. Like my wish to bring Teletubbies on our flight to Dubai, I would also like to bring the cast of this live show.

Peyton's not one for sitting still for prolonged periods of time, but she sat for 30 minutes without moving during this show.

Even the last 15 minutes, she just hopped from my knee, to Tom's, to her own seat; but still sat nicely and watched.

Of course, snacks helped the cause too, but even so she was enthralled.

For those who have never seen In the Night Garden, I don't really know how to explain it to you. I don't fully understand it myself.

There are various characters, all brightly coloured, who explore the night garden and, according to Google, differentiate between awake and asleep.

It's on CBeebies right at the end of each day, during bedtime hour. It's been a part of our bedtime routine for quite some months now. Peyton has her bath and then comes downstairs, watches In the Night Garden while having her milk, then goes off to bed.

As soon as the music starts, it has this calming effect on her. She kicks back and relaxes. Until her bottle is finished, that is, then she's off the sofa and stood as close to the TV as she can get!

So, when we found out the live show was going to be at the theatre at Hull, we couldn't wait to go.

I was a bit worried that Peyton would be too young. However, I was aware we were taking her to something was aimed at toddlers and young children, and not an adult show where her roaming the aisles would piss a load of people off.

In reality, there were loads of kids racing around, crying, screaming, kicking off..

As soon as the lights dipped and the music started, she was gone. Enthralled.

Her little face when the characters came out was priceless. We went to watch this just a few days after we'd been to CBeebies Land. I feel like my Iggle Piggle quota was met for the year then.

But P loved it. Even though she loves watching it on TV, it doesn't hold her attention for that long. She'll watch the start, and when they're singing/dancing, but apart from that she goes about her usual business; playing with toys/books, and drinking her milk.

I was so surprised she sat and watched it all.

A few people have asked me if I'd recommend it, and I so would. If Peyton, the fidgety, ants in her pants little girl can sit still through it, anyone can.

The show was 45 minutes in total; just slightly longer than a normal episode. I honestly couldn't tell you what happened in it, I was too busy watching Peyton's face.

However, the best bit was when the pinky ponk came out and flew over the audience.

Parents of In the Night Garden fans will appreciate how special this moment was.

I'm not sure where else the tour is going this year, but if you've a small fan of In the Night Garden (or are even partial to it yourself) I would definitely recommend you go.

We had the best afternoon. There really is no greater feeling as a parent than watching your little one enjoy the things you are doing.

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