14 of my favourite things in our house at the moment

I had a week off work last week and in between cleaning, cooking and watching back-to-back episodes of Friends I did a bit of shopping for items for the home.  My best friend and my soon-to-be sister-in-law both moved into new houses with their other halves so I was out and about buying new home gifts for them and picked up a couple of bits for myself on the way.

I could literally spend days on end exploring The Range, Next Home and all the other havens for home accessories.  I picked up a lovely white jug and some very real looking, but fake, roses - probably my favourite new addition to our house.

After my shopping trip and after cleaning the house top to bottom, I decided I would take some photos of my favourite bits in our house and share them with people like me who love noseying at other people's stuff!

So, here we go....

Here is said jug and fake roses, both from The Range and an absolute bargain.

We have this light fitting in the hall downstairs and upstairs and I absolutely love it!  It makes the house look like we are having a disco.  We got it from Next Home in November, but I'm sure I still saw it in there the other day.

I love our little makeshift candle holder - this was the bottle of champagne that we had when we put the reserve down on our house.  We wanted to save it so decided to do something quirky with it and make it part of the decor.  The little tag was made by Tom's sister, Amy, who is so creative and talented!

We have loads of these cute sayings and signs dotted around but this is my favourite.  Again, it was made by Amy which is why I like it so much.

Our tie backs in our lounge are just so cute and, funnily enough, homely.  These, too, were from Next Home.

Our little egg basket was originally a hamper made for us by Amy when we moved in.  We didn't have an egg basket and we thought it was too cute to throw away so we re-used it and made it another cute addition to the kitchen.

I love our sideboard in the lounge - we got it from Homebase and I think it was by far our favourite purchase.  We also have the matching TV unit and tables and they really make the room feel so homely.

The champagne glass (from Home Bargains) was a gift from my parents so we decided we'd get some cute lights (these are from Wilko).  It used to sit at the bottom of the stairs until Tom fell down the stairs one night and smashed it to hundreds of pieces!  This is champagne glass take two (bought by Tom's parents) and now lives in the corner of the lounge, safe from harm's way!

 I didn't really think our coasters would be one of my favourite items when I bought them from Wilko, but they really are.  Whenever we have people round they always say how much they love our coasters.  They were such a bargain as well!

Our new painting (which is still hanging three days after I put it up!) is from Next and I absolutely love it.  We haven't really got anything on our walls so to have that upstairs really makes it look a bit less plain and minimalist.  Whilst I love minimalist it is nice to have something pretty to look at - and this is certainly that.

My dressing table - moved with me from mum and dad's - was a favourite in my room there and is still a favourite now.

This was part of a gift set from some family friends when we moved in - it also came with a candle and a room spray - and smells lovely!  This is in the bathroom and is a nice little decorative addition as well as making it smell nice and fragrant.

Yankee Candle is my absolute favourite - I have sooo many candles dotted around the place (Tom hates them!) and I bought loads of these melts last year which last for ages and smell amazing.

This photo doesn't do justice to how beautiful this lamp is!  It was a present from Tom's grandma and is so, so pretty.  It's almost a shame it's in the spare room because we don't get to enjoy it as much as we would if it was in any of the other rooms.

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  1. The champagne bottle candle holder with the label is such a great idea!