I've shed 8lbs in just two weeks thanks to Slimming World

I was SO convinced this week I was going either gain weight or maintain let week's.  I had such a good first week with my 4.5lbs loss that I thought I'd get complacent and fall down this week.  Especially as we were out for an Indian on Friday night then out for a meal for my dad's birthday on Saturday.

I did some damage limitation when eating out on Friday, not so much Saturday, which clearly paid off as I lost 3.5lbs this week! Wooo!

Before going out for the Indian on Friday, I flicked through my SW book and found the Indian dish with the least syns. I'd never tried it before so was worried incase I didn't like it.  Without fail, I have a chicken balti every time we have an Indian.  As sure as the sun will rise in a morning, is that I will pick a chicken balti.  So had Tom not known why I was straying from my usual staple, I think he'd have worried I'd been swapped!

I had two poppadoms (4 syns each) and my chicken dhansak (10.5 syns for 500g) with boiled rice (free).  However, I was quite full after my poppadoms so only ate about half of the rice and picked the chicken out of the sauce.  So I'm sure it will have been lower than 10.5 syns for the dhansak (I went for 7 as a guess).  Good news, though, I loved the dish and will definitely be having it again!

Then, on Saturday, we went to a new restaurant in Selby (which was amazing). I was worried about what I could have here which wouldn't send my syns through the roof. I had belly pork for starter (but didn't eat the fatty bit), chicken breast with veggies and stuffing for main, and a chocolate tart for dessert.

The rest of the week I was quite strict - I kept my syns down and my speed foods and protein as high as possible.

I've definitely noticed I am not as hungry as I was, although I did have a few cravings for chocolate this week which were hard to fight off.  I knew if I had one bit, I'd crumble and eat every bit of chocolate in the house.  So, I stayed strong and reached for my go-to fruit when a sweet craving kicks in - a pear.  I've always liked pears but since doing SW I eat them all the time.  If I am having a chocolate craving, or want a biscuit or some sweets, I have a pear and it straight away eases the want for sweet things. It's also a speed food, which is even better!

I've got my half a stone award now and, in just two weeks, have lost a whopping 8lbs! I was a bit sceptical when I first started as to whether I would lose much weight and how well it would work, but it's going swimmingly so far.  I just hope I can keep it up!

I'm still loving going to group as well, I'm not sure I'd be as motivated if I didn't go there.

I don't have any curveballs in this week's plan - no meals out or tricky days.  I do, however, have next week off work - so I'll have loads of time to make loads of SW recipes for the freezer.  Tom has started his new job now and isn't home until just before 7. Those nights when I'm at the gym straight from work I find it hard to find the motivation to cook a good meal then and not just reach for something quick and easy (and bad!)

My aim now is to lose my next half a stone before Christmas and be a whole stone lighter (and almost half way towards target) than I was when I started.  With just four weeks until Christmas I only need to lose 1.5lbs a week up until the big day.

I've got this!

My food diary for week two.

Day One:

Breakfast: Three eggs scrambled with half a tin of chopped tomatoes, some spinach and half a green pepper chopped
Lunch: A jacket potato with tuna mayo (1 syn for extra light mayo)
Snack: An apple and a pear
Tea: Chicken and vegetable pasta (chopped tomatoes, passata, one courgette, two garlic cloves, a red chilli, spinach, one yellow pepper and two tomatoes)
Snack: One pear

Day Two:

Breakfast: Melon
Lunch: Leftover pasta from last night's tea with a big pile of lettuce and spinach
Snack: An apple and a pear
Tea: Two poppadoms (4 syns each), boiled rice and chicken dhansak (7 syns)

Day Three:

Breakfast: Two eggs poached, two rashers of lean bacon, half a tin of baked beans, some spinach and one slice of wholemeal toast (HEB)
Lunch: Leftover pasta from Thursday with lettuce
Snack: An apple
Tea: Belly pork to start (2.5 syns), Chicken breast for main with leeks, beetroot, celery, apple and other greens (there was a tiny bit of creamy sauce and some butter on the greens, but I don't know the syns for these), and a chocolate tart for dessert (8 syns).

Day Four:

Breakfast: Two eggs poached, half a tin of baked beans, one slice of wholemeal toast (HEB) and some spinach
Lunch: An omelette made with three eggs, tomato, onion, red onion, yellow pepper and three mini Babybels (HEA).
Tea: Roast chicken with carrots, broccoli and green beans.
Snack: Cranberries, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, redcurrants, blackcurrants and blackberries with 100g of natural yoghurt.

Day Five:

Breakfast: Melon
Lunch: Salad (lettuce, spinach, red onion, white onion, yellow pepper, tomato)
Snack: An apple and a pear
Tea: Jerk chicken skewers (SW recipe) with roasted vegetables (peppers, tomatoes, red onion, and courgette) - these were sensational! Probably one of my favourite SW recipes so far!

Day Six:

Breakfast: Three poached eggs with half a tin of baked beans
Lunch: Half a tin of baked beans on one slice of wholemeal toast (HEB)
Snack: An apple and a pear
Tea: Easy chicken curry with spicy broccoli and green beans (SW recipe) - also amazing!

Day Seven:

Breakfast: Three eggs scrambled with half a red pepper, half a green pepper, and 200g of passata with onions and garlic.
Lunch: Salad - lettuce, spinach, other half of red and green pepper, and a tomato.
Snack: An apple and a pear
Tea: Homemade turkey burgers (SW recipe) with a big ass salad (lettuce, carrot, beetroot, sweetcorn, and peppers)

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