How to eat chocolate brownie, drink prosecco, and eat out whilst still losing 4lbs in a week

Just when I thought I couldn't love Slimming World any more, this week happened!

Once again, I thought I was going to have gained weight this week when I stepped onto the scales last night.  I went prepared - I was wearing a dress and thin tights (and a chunky jumper so I didn't freeze which I whipped off for weigh-in).

Whilst I've had a fairly good week I have had a few more syns than previous weeks on more days.  Of course, I know you're allowed between 5 and 15 syns a day, but my self-control is shocking and if I start on something (chocolate, biscuits etc) I won't stop and then I'll eat it everyday.

For the first time since starting at Slimming World I've had a few glasses of wine/prosecco.  I've also accidentally stumbled on unknown syns.

I love raisins and sultanas and, whilst I was making a dessert on Sunday, I was stuffing them in my mouth, not realising how high in syns they are!

Then there was Monday when we went to Kitchen. I resisted all the amazing breads etc. and had a salad (which was beaut, don't get me wrong). I couldn't resist a cake, though, and had a huge brownie later that night.

On Wednesday, we went to Meadowhall and went to Wagamama at lunch. I thought I was being good with my choice but when I looked on the Slimming World app I found out it wasn't so good.

All those teamed together, I thought spelt disaster.

What I didn't realise was how good I'd been every other meal and had food optimised at every other opportunity, culminating in a 4lb weight loss.

Four frigging pounds!!!!

That's 12lbs in just three weeks.

If someone would have told me when I started on 11th November that I would be 12lbs lighter by December I would've laughed in their face.

This week, if I lose two pounds, I will get my stone award.  A stone in four weeks - I literally never thought it was possible to do whilst still eating everything I love. This last week I still ate cake, had crisps and enjoyed a few glasses of wine.  And I still managed to lose 4lbs!!

I hope it's not a delayed reaction which will catch up on me next week when I least expect it!

Not only did I lose a whopping 4lbs this week, I also got Slimmer of the Week in my group!! I was chuffed!

It's now stuck on the fridge alongside my half a stone award, reminding me all the time why I am doing this.

By Christmas I am hoping to have lost a few more pounds, so I can enjoy the festive season and still be slimmer and lighter than when I started in November.

I've had this week off work so have been getting myself prepared food-wise.  I find, some nights, when I go to the gym after work and don't get in until 7ish that I can't be bothered to cook a good, healthy meal from scratch. By the time I've had a showed and washed my hair it's getting on for half 7. With Tom being later home now, too, he's tired and can't be bothered either.

So I've capitalised having this week off and have made a SW curry, three teas worth of SW bolognaise, and two SW cottage pies all for the freezer.

So those nights when I come in and would be tempted to have a toastie or a pizza or something quick and easy (aka naughty) I now can reach into the freezer and still have something SW friendly.

I'm so determined to crack on this next week and get that one stone award next Wednesday! Some of the meals on this week's menu are... SW spaghetti carbonara, turkey meatballs with ratatouille, and SW pork and apple casserole.

This has become a weekly thing now, so no doubt I'll be back next Thursday to update you with how I've got on (hopefully with my one stone award in tow!)

Week  Three's food diary:

Day One:

Breakfast: Three poached eggs with a tin of baked beans and one slice of wholemeal toast (HEB)
Snack: Apple
Dinner: Salad - lettuce, rocket, watercress, spinach, peppers and tuna with chicken breast
Snack: Bag of Walkers French Fries (4.5 syns)
Snack: Pear
Tea: Cottage pie (SW recipe) with carrots and broccoli (40g of reduced fat cheddar on cottage pie was my HEA)

Day Two:

Breakfast: Melon
Dinner: Salad - lettuce, rocket, watercress, spinach, peppers and tuna with one teaspoon of extra light mayo (1 syn)
Snack: Bag of Walkers French Fries (4.5 syns)
Snack: Apple
Tea: Pork, chilli and garlic meatballs with ratatouille 
Snack: Pear

Day Three:

Breakfast: Two eggs scrambled with 200g of passata with onion and garlic, half a chopped red peppers, half a chopped yellow pepper and half a red onion with one slice of wholemeal toast (HEB)
Snack: An apple and a pear
Tea: Sweet chilli chicken (SW recipe) with rice, asparagus, broccoli and spinach, rocket and watercress.
Drinks: Two glasses of prosecco (4.5 syns per glass)

Day Four:

Breakfast: Two poached eggs, two rashers of lean bacon, half a tin of baked beans and one slice of wholemeal toast (HEB)
Snack: Lettuce, spinach
Snack: Apple and pear
Tea: Caribbean pepperpot stew (SW recipe)
Pudding: Apple Betty (SW recipe) - 3 syns
Drink: One small glass of white wine (4.5 syns)
Snack: Sultanas - I don't know how many so I don't know how many syns. I was snacking on these while making the Apple Betty thinking they were fine only to then discover they're full of syns *SOB*

Day Five:

Breakfast: Melon
Lunch: Chicken salad at Kitchen in Howden with a little pot of white bread (6 syns) 
Snack: A pear
Tea: Chicken breast with passata with onion and garlic, half a yellow and half a red pepper, garlic, one red chilli and one green chilli and salad (watercress, spinach, rocket)
Pudding: A brownie from Kitchen (16 syns)

Day Six:

Breakfast: Apple and a pear
Lunch: Four egg omelette with half a red and half a yellow pepper, half a red onion and two mini babybel lights (HEA)
Snack: Pear
Tea: Chicken jambalaya (SW recipe) with lettuce, spinach, rocket and watercress.

Day Seven: (weigh day)

Breakfast: Two apples and a pear
Lunch: Wagamama - Teriyaki Chicken Donburi (14.5 syns) and King Prawn lollipops (5 syns per serving)
Snack: Pear

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