Pants problems, spots and broken nails - HAPPY MONDAY!

This morning was your typical 'bleugh, it's Monday morning' morning.

I'd already had two cups of coffee before 10am (for someone who hated coffee until two months ago, this is huge); I have a huge spot right on the edge of my lip (the proper painful place where you can't pop it because it makes your toes curl); and I put both my legs into one of the leg holes in my pants when I was trying to get dressed, resulting in me crashing head first into the wall and leaving a nice orange circle from my foundation on said cream wall (soz, Tom!)

It took me too many attempts to park my car in a space that, when I got out, I realised could've fit a bus; my nail split really low down and I'm not getting them done until next Wednesday so it's probably going to break and be all stubby; and I had the worst period pain ever.


I also took the wrong lunch to work, obviously grabbing the first thing in tupperware that I saw in the fridge.  Although, the fact I remembered lunch at all deserves a round of applause.

What is it about knowing it's Monday that makes us (me) so scatty and down in the dumps?  If something is going to go wrong during the week, it will mostly be on a Monday.  If I'm going to be feeling unwell, or extra tired, or fed up, it'll be on a Monday.  If the weather is going be grim and not get light all day, it'll be on Monday.  Honestly, if Monday had a face you would definitely want to throw something at it.

I love my job, so I never get that Sunday night dread about going back to work in the morning, but as soon as Monday morning rolls around I feel like I'm on a different planet.  This morning was a prime example.

I'd laid all my things out in the spare room last night for me to get ready nice and easily this morning. Tom wasn't starting work until after lunch so I made sure everything I would need was out of the room so I wouldn't wake him.  It seemed so promising - I remembered my deodorant and my handbag, and I'd picked up a pair of shoes that actually matched.  My toothbrush and toothpaste were in the bathroom along with my contact lenses (which I didn't even attempt this morning after the disaster with my pants!)

My lunch was ready in the fridge with my travel cup on the side ready for my, now essential, morning coffee and my keys were to hand rather than being buried under the contents of my over-flowing handbag.  I thought I'd set myself up for a cracking start to the day.

But, it was not to be.

I didn't even attempt breakfast at home, terrified of the mess I could make if I attempted to crack eggs/cook anything so nipped to Morrisons before work and bought some melon.  The only positive of this was that the melon was really tasty and juicy, not like the stuff I had last week which fizzed when I ate it.  The downside?  I didn't actually get to eat it until 11am!

Monday is almost done for another week now, meaning I have six mornings to look forward to where everything goes to plan and I don't turn the air blue because of my foul language before 8am.  The rest of the week I make it until at least 10!


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