The only Olympic sport I could compete with is the tequila shot(put) or the (drunken) tumbling

I bloody love the Olympics.

In 2012 I was glued from start to finish. The longest I left my sofa throughout the whole two weeks was to actually go to London and see them for myself.

I'm mesmerised by it and suddenly find myself an expert in sports I didn't even know the rules of some half an hour earlier.

Watching the diving, usually while horizontal on my sofa with some sort of sugary snack, I am like the ultimate expert commenting on synchronisation or over rotation, or too much splash when entering the pool.
The Olympic spirit is amazing, and getting behind Team GB is so inspiring.

Last week we found ourselves cheering on the British guy in the fencing. FENCING! Who knew that was a sport you could cheer for.

The same with trap shooting, and the canoe slalom.

I don't even understand the rules for most of the sports, but I watch and enjoy them anyway.

It just makes me wish I was good at a sport, though.

When I was younger I used to swim, and I was really good. I think it's because I am so long. But I didn't stick at it, which I really regret now.

Other than that, I've never been good at anything. I hated running and would find any excuse possible to get out of sports day at school. It was my idea of hell having to do athletics. Love watching it, don't get me wrong, but I hate taking part.

I was rubbish at throwing and jumping, too.

Hockey was out of the question because I did like wearing shin pads. I also wasn't good at the actual sport, but my dislike of shin pads outshone my appalling hand-eye coordination when trying to manoeuvre that bloody stick.

The only Olympic sports I was remotely good at at school was volleyball, tennis and badminton. But even those I never pursued outside of school.

At uni I wasn't in a single sports society. I played netball occasionally on a Wednesday afternoon in first year, but that was the extent of my participation.

The only Olympic sport I could have successfully bagged a gold in at uni was drinking. I could have confidently clinched a medal in the tequila shot(put) and definitely been in contention in the (drunken) tumbling.

At 24 I think it's a bit late to pursue a sporting career now. My dislike for doing anything too strenuous would also stand in my way. I think I'll just stick to watching, commenting on and enjoying the sport. The closest I'll ever get to any Olympics would be reporting on them. Now that would be a dream!

With Team GB really starting to rack up the medals now, I'm so excited for the last week of competition to see what else will happen. The team spirit and the pride that you can sense is so uplifting. It almost makes you forget about all the bad in the world.

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