The ridiculous hysteria surrounding Helen Skelton's legs

The Olympics have completely taken over, and I love it. But, unfortunately, I feel they were overshadowed somewhat in the media in the early days by so much focus on poor Helen Skelton. 

Despite all the action in the pool, everyone seemed to be focusing on her. Not because of her presenting skills, either, but because of her fashion choices. 

Social media users - the harshest of critics sometimes - went to town on the poor girl, slamming her for her short skirts and dresses. While, just feet away, sat Mark Foster in shorts. 

Of course he's going to wear shorts, they're in a warm climate and are presenting from poolside, which is always a sweaty and humid place to be. So why does everyone care so much if Helen Skelton has her legs out? 
One article on The Sun was entitled 'Helen Skelton reveals another part of her body in latest dress'. 

Who gives a toss?  Do these people not realise that women have legs? And that when we wear dresses you can see them? The hysteria surrounding it, you'd be forgiven for thinking this was the first time anyone had seen a pair of pins. 

Some slammed her saying it was inappropriate, continuing to judge her look on a daily basis. 

What did people expect her to wear? Jeans and a jumper? A trouser suit? They're in bloody Rio de Janeiro for crying out loud. 

If people weren't commenting on the length of her skirt, they took to slating the colour of her outfits. 

To me, she was just a pretty woman in a pretty dress. Why is it ok for people to analyse women in this way? Nobody looks at Steve Redgave's outfit choices at the rowing with the same critical eye. 

"Ooh, Steve Redgrave's top was a bit too tight and a bit too stripy. He must be off to the beach after in them shorts!"

It just wouldn't happen. 

There was a really interesting article recently which explained what the articles would read like if the media commented on Theresa May's husband's outfit choices the same way they did with Sam Cameron. I'd be interested to see a comparison now, how they'd talk about presenters like Chris Hoy and John Inverdale the same way they have Helen Skelton. 

The hashtag #TooRacyForRio even surfaced to describe poor Helen. Jesus, give the girl a break. She's young, she's stunning and she's the next generation of presenter. These morons moaning about her outfit choices need to start moving forward with the times. 

Young, female presenters are of course going to dress different to the likes of Hazel Irvine and Clare Balding. When the athletics commentary comes round, Denise Lewis and Paula Radcliffe often rock a skater dress, a bodycon or a skirt and they don't become embroiled in a scandal. 

To top it all off for poor Helen I saw on the front of one of the Sunday papers today that a video had been leaked of her sunbathing topless. The media are gunning for her at the moment and I'm not sure why. 

It baffles me why shaming women for sunbathing topless is still a thing. They did it with Kate Middleton, when some sneaky pap caught her catching rays. 

Give the girls a break, it's 2016 for goodness sake. 

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