The 100 day countdown is on until the most wonderful time of the year

It's 100 days until the most wonderful time of the year - Christmas!

The Christmas period starts long before December 25, but the big day itself is now just 100 days away. It doesn't feel like five minutes since last Christmas; a scary yet exciting thought.

Mince pies, tubs of Celebrations and advent calendars are already sneaking their way onto the supermarket shelves; and it won't be long before festive adverts start being slipped in between Corrie.

I love Christmas. I love spending quality time with family and friends but, most of all, I love giving people presents. I love spending time thinking about what to buy, choosing the perfect gift, and then the excitement of handing it over. I'm literally like that little kid on the John Lewis advert from a few years ago.

I love when the nights draw in and you can get snuggled at home with candles lit. I love the smell that fills the house when you dig all the Christmas decorations out. I love that big tins of chocolates are an essential part of the furniture throughout December. And I love pigs in blankets. I'm literally like Buddy the Elf - I LOVE Christmas.

When X Factor started last month, I felt that warm Christmassy feeling in my tummy when the theme tune started. As Christmas draws closer, the X Factor always steps up so the theme tune is just like a Christmas song.

Last year we were super keen and committed, in my eyes, a cardinal sin when we put our trees and decorations up before December. Only by one day, I may add, but I've always maintained that Christmas can't start until December 1st.

I start getting excited for Christmas as soon as autumn hits, but I always hold out on unleashing full festivity until December 1st. Usually...

As soon as December is underway, and the advent calendar is out, so too can come the tree, decorations, and Christmas songs. It becomes acceptable to watch Elf, The Polar Express, The Grinch and all the other fun, festive films. This year we'll (try) and stick it out until he first weekend in December - which is when I'd always put the decorations up when I was at mum & dad's.

But that doesn't stop me getting excited about it before December.

We're coming into my favourite time of year now - the leaves turning orange, the air getting cooler, her nights getting darker. Snuggly, knitted jumpers; hot chocolate; roaring fires; boots; bonfire night... I just love it.

It helps that autumn is also birthday season: my best friend, my mum, my brother, my dad and mine. All in an eight week period. SO much cake!

Then we get my favourite night of the year - bonfire night. And before you know it, the Christmas lights are being switched on in town and Father Christmas is taking up his weekend spot in Wetherells. (If you're not from Selby, Wetherells is our local department store where Santa has a grotto throughout December.)

Everyone will start dreaming of snow, and refuse to face the realisation that a white Christmas is never going to happen; Mariah will be blasted out in department stores; shopping centres will become like no man's land on a weekend; and men will still leave their shopping until Christmas Eve.

Every year I say I am going to be organised with my Christmas shopping and start it early.  But, every year, I still do it all in one go on my annual Christmas shopping trip with my best friend.  Spreading the cost always seems like such a good idea, but then I end up spending twice as much because I forget what I have bought.

This year's Christmas is made even more special as it's my last as a Derham. My last Christmas before I become a married woman. And, once Christmas is out of the way, the countdown to the wedding will well and truly be on.

Yep, 100 days until the world wakes up wondering if 'he's been'. 99 days until we all gaze up at the sky, still hoping that the magic of Christmas will shine through and we'll see Father Christmas and his reindeer flying above.

100 days until we all gather round the table with our loved ones and reflect on the year gone by and all the exciting things to come. Pulling crackers, eating turkey and drinking mulled wine.

I noticed earlier this month that Morrisons had already started selling mince pies, for those who want to be really organised. The downside? They went out of date long before Christmas. Now, I love a mince pie, but with the weather we've been having this week it wouldn't feel right eating one while sitting sweating my C-cups off.

If only there was an advent calendar to count down these 100 days, rather than 24. I would definitely be on board with purchasing one of those!

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