Am I the only one who gets mega excited buying suncream for holidays?

We've officially passed the 100 day countdown until our honeymoon.

It still feels like it's an absolute eternity away, but I remember how quick that 100 day countdown went when we started it for the wedding, so I'm hopeful this will be the same.

It's not like we haven't anything exciting happening before we go, either.

My best friend gets married a month beforehand, so as we get closer to that all our attentions and excitement will focus on their wedding and we'll forget all about the honeymoon countdown altogether as we get wrapped up in complete and utter wedding excitement.

In a bid to make it seem like it's almost time to board that big, metal bird, I've started buying suncreams. Nobody can say I am not prepared.

My sister-in-law and her now fiance went to Mexico a few weeks after our wedding - where they got engaged woooo - and she'd had her case packed for weeks and weeks before she went. I took the Mickey out of her for it, but I can see me being exactly the same. Especially now I've started stocking up on suncreams etc. and will need somewhere to store them all until September...

I'm not sure about anyone else, but I get soooo excited when I start buying stuff like that for holiday. I was so giddy when I strolled up to the till in Savers yesterday, arms filled with a range of factors, and dropped them all in front of the girl serving. I was beaming as I strolled out the shop, if a bit miffed I'd forgotten my reusable bag and had to spend an extra 5p on a carrier.

I always end up buying what feels like too much, like with anything else.

I get a fairly even spread of suncreams from factor 50 right down to the low factor oils. Half our luggage allowance ends up being suncreams, and it always looks like we'll have so much leftover, but we never do.

When we went to Greece, we only went for a week, and we went through so much suncream. I think we even had to go to the hotel shop and spend an extortionate amount of money on a bottle of factor 30 and some more after sun because we'd used all our supplies.

Greece was hot, and we were probably unprepared for how strong the sun would be, but we definitely won't make the same mistake in Dubai.

The first few days of our honeymoon will be spent here, and the suncream will need to be plastered on thick and fast to save our pale British skin from the scorching sun.

As yet, we have no plans for the three days we are in Dubai.

Tom has a long list of things he wants to do and places he wants to go and, in a bid to ensure we see it to our first wedding anniversary, I've said no to them all.

You might think I'm being harsh, but wait until you hear the list. It comprises of Legoland, Real Madrid world, Ferrari world...

I didn't say no to him going to them completely, he's more than welcome to go on his own while I lounge on the beach and take hundreds of photos of the famous skyline and scenery for my Instagram.

You'll probably want to unfollow me as soon as we get to the airport, I'll be insufferable for the 11 days we're away.

In all seriousness, though, if anyone has any top tips of places to visit during our three days in Dubai they would be more than welcomed. While I don't want us to have a packed itinerary dictating our every move, I also don't want us to get there with absolutely nothing in mind for what we're going to do and end up just sat trying to make a plan.

I also don't want to spend the days indoors - because we could be anywhere in the world if we're going to be confined to four walls.

When we get to the Seychelles, our plan is simple - relax. The most strenuous thing I intend on doing is turning over on my sun bed to ensure I get even tan coverage. Kinda like a rotisserie chicken.

The hotel we are staying at while in the Seychelles looks absolutely beautiful, as does the one in Dubai, so I am so excited to just enjoy their surroundings.

Only 98 days to go!

Before that, though, I've got some Maid of Honour duties to fulfil for my best friend.

We had the fitting for our bridesmaid dresses last night and they're so, so beautiful it's made me even more excited for her big day. Just 10 weeks to go eeeekkk!

2017 is never, ever going to be topped for us - we've literally got the most exciting year ever!

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