I still look like a convict, but at least my driving licence is updated

It's back, it's back!

I filled the form in right, my marriage certificate was returned to me via special delivery - at a cost of £6 - six friggin' pound!!! And I have a brand new, shiny driving licence with my new surname on it.

Ignore my photo, and the fact it looks like a police mug shot, that is getting changed next August - hallelujah!

I am so glad my ID is back, I didn't realise how much I still used it; even at 25.

Last week, I nipped to Morrisons to get a salad box and some chicken on my dinner. I noticed they were doing a pizza and prosecco offer for £10. The prosecco alone was worth £8 so I was well won over.

I picked my pizza and stuffed the bottle of prosecco strategically under my arm, carefully balancing my salad and chicken on top of the pizza while fumbling with my purse.

Then I remembered - I had no ID.

You could guarantee that this one time, when I had no ID, would be when I would get challenged - and I wasn't in the mood for that.

Before going on my hen weekend I took my friend to Aldi to get a bottle of prosecco. I wasn't buying anything, I didn't even have my purse. But because I was stood with her at the checkout I had to show my ID too. I get the rules and laws behind asking for ID, I used to work at Morrisons so I understand, but it's so embarrassing when it happens to you. Especially when you're nearing 26.

I couldn't be dealing with that situation again, especially when I was only nipping out quick to get a salad. I then had to carefully manoeuvre my belongings to put the pizza and prosecco back in the fridge, and step away with just my salad and chicken.

All is well with the world once again, though.

Unfortunately, the pizza and prosecco offer at Morrisons is no more. *sob*  It's probably for the best, however, given that Tom has now embarked on a super, duper 'clean eating' regime.

I'm not sure a red pepper and goats cheese pizza fits in with the chicken, rice and broccoli diet he has put himself on!

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