It's all going on!

We're now over the halfway point and, as Tom said so lovingly the other day, I now look like I've got a football stuffed up my top.
Suddenly, the last couple of weeks, I seem to have started looking very pregnant, very quickly. At first, I was really struggling with my changing belly (read more here). I didn't look pregnant, just like I'd put weight on, and it was hard to get my head around putting so much weight on so quickly, especially as I've always struggled with my weight and my body; having only in the last year or so finally reached my 'happy place' in terms of my body and figure.

However, now I have a proper baby bump appearing, I absolutely love it. I find myself stood stroking it when talking to people and just love looking at it. It's so amazing how there is a baby growing in there, isn't the human body fascinating?

My body is still changing every single day as well, I honestly didn't think there was much left to change!


Finally getting ready for our new arrival

Last week we had our last week off work together, just the two of us, until my maternity leave officially starts in June. We had planned to spend it just chilling out, making the most of being able to get away with lounging around watching 17 episodes of Friends on Netflix in one day and napping whenever I felt like it.

It was also Tom's birthday, so we celebrated that and just generally spent some nice, quality time together.

We also made headway on getting organised for Peanut's arrival. Everyone has kept asking us "have you bought loads of stuff already?" and I felt so bad constantly saying that we hadn't. All we had purchased was a SnuzPod, which had money off after Christmas, and some vests when Tesco had 25% off clothing. Not a single other item.

We decided to capitalise on having some time off in the week to get organised as much as possible and seem like we were ready for her arrival.


It's a...

Today we had our 'anomaly scan' which is to check that baby's anatomy is forming right, that they're healthy and that everything is where it should be and developing at the right rate.

It's also the scan where they can tell the sex of the baby - if you want to know - providing it isn't lying in an awkward position.

Here's our scan photo from today, showing little peanut mid yawn/laugh. Just like mumma, mouth always open!

All the little monkey did all the way through the scan was yawn. Again, just like mumma - always tired.


Gender reveals, belly photos and pregnancy massages

I'm aware I'm a bit late to the party, but 2018 is here which means I will be popping a baby out this year.

Holy moly.

Christmas and New Year absolutely wiped me out, we were so busy visiting family and friends we didn't have a single night where we just sat at home and lounged in front of the tv for over two weeks.

Peanut did pick up some lovely little presents over Christmas, though - not a bad haul for someone who isn't going to be making an appearance until the summer!

I was shattered when I went back to work and was really dreading going to London last weekend to see my uni girls. I was so, so excited to see them and catch up, but I was so worried I was going to be exhausted and unable to enjoy myself properly.

However, out of nowhere, I seem to have got this new wave of energy.

The spa day on Saturday most definitely help with that, I am sure.

I had the most amazing pregnant lady treatment - they started soaking my feet in rose water and did a foot scrub and moisturising treatment, then I had a back massage which was rather strange as I lay on my side with my leg cocked over some rolled up towels. I then had to roll onto my other side, for her to do the other half of my back, as I can no longer lay flat on my front. Then followed a neck and shoulder massage, as well as this strange yet satisfying thing she did to my head, a foot and lower leg massage, and a facial. I felt absolutely amazing afterwards. Although, I did try and stand up too quick so felt a bit light-headed!